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Winterglaze Double Glazing.

Drier, Warmer, Healthier and Quieter Homes.

Love your windows but not the heat loss, draughts or condensation?

Retrofit double glazing into your existing aluminium windows, maintain the character of your house and come home to a warmer, drier, quieter home.
In a well insulated home with single glazing 50% of the heat lost is through the windows. Make your house the place to come home to!

Winterglaze Double Glazing is the answer

HOME PLUS Winterglaze Double Glazing is designed to reduce heat loss through inefficient single pane windows, which up till now, have been the traditional windows installed in NZ homes. A single pane of glass quickly conducts precious warmth from inside your home, to the outside environment, which is a waste of energy and money.


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